PLASSON is aware that the main goal in Broiler production is to achieve the highest possible yield of broiler meat per time and floor space.  Reaching this while keeping the main expenses, such as feed intake, under a well-controlled regime while at all times keeping within animal welfare regulations.  This combination usually leads to the best economic bottom line for the grower. We believe that there is more than one winning concept and that the design must consider the genetic line, market culture, grower skills and climate as major criteria while planning the package.  The main variables we consider when planning the solution are:

  • Floor space per bird
  • Marketing weight
  • House type
  • Ventilation type
  • Feed formulation and textures
  • Water quality

Working with PLASSON will empower you with both the know-how and the equipment to develop the most efficient solution backed by PLASSON technical expertise, field support and continuous innovation.